Friday, November 13, 2009

Amazing Grass.....

Finally the samples came in!
I have only tried two so far and.....

The wheatgrass was very green and plain (wouldnt buy it) BUT the chocolate drink powder GreenSuperFood was amazing! I mixed it with skim milk and it tasted just like chocolate milk!
We have yet to try the bars or actually put the mixes into our smoothies...I am sure I will come up with a concoction this weekend!  ( It is crazy how many nutrients and greens are in all of the products...I feel healthy just reading it!

As far as life....I am pretty much going to be teaching every day of the week, which I love because it is one of my passions: teaching others to incorporate fitness into their hectic lives! I will be adding a core class to the mix on tuesday nights.
I am so glad it is finally the weekend and I get to relax with jaydun and go OUTSIDE! It is suppose to be 66 and sunny tomorrow which is pretty much a repeat from last weekend, which I will take any day!

I just put in the laundry and am preppin some kale to make kale chips with dinner...we shall see the verdict ....I am going to coat them with extra virgin olive oil and then sprinkle some spices and Jane's crazy mixed up salt....I use this on pretty much everything! Put those suckers on a baking pan and in the oven on 350 for 15 minutes until crispy....

Do not know what the plans are for tonight yet....



  1. that chocolate one sounds really good- i want to tryy. do they sell at whole foods? i think im going there today!

    & tonight my family is coming for parents weekend yayayy


  2. I want to try it too! Can I have a free sample to see if I like it?