Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Busy as a Bee

I seem to always have something going on....
I am headed out to go meet with the YMCA about being a running coach for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon...which is the biggest half marathon in the US! You get to run the last 2 miles around the indy 500 race track! We will see if this works with my schedule, but it would be a pretty sweet deal to coach and help people accomplish their goals.

I wore the Mango band last night to bootcamp and today I have the light green on....Choices; so many!

If you have any questions about them ASK!

So if you remember my favorite product of the amazing grass was.....
Chocolate Green SuperFood powder!

We are giving away these packets with a shaker.....
1. List your favorite food for each color of the rainbow.
2. Favorite green food!

Best two answers will get some GREEN!


Off to the interview....



  1. Well first I have to remember all of the colors of the rainbow!

    Red- pomegranates
    Orange- sweet potatoes
    Yellow- cheese- lots of yellow cheese
    Green- spinach
    Blue- blueberries
    Indigo- I had to google this, and apparently grapes are indigo!
    Violet- eggplant!

    My overall favorite green food is green apples- I can seriously eat them all day long!

    Thanks for the giveaway- I'll spread the message later tonight!

  2. Red-strawberries
    orange-tie pumpkin/butternut squash

  3. forgot my all time fav green food is spinach cause I like to be like Popeye.

  4. Red- Raspberries
    Orange- Sweeter taters
    Yellow- Cauliflower
    Green- BROCCOLI
    Blue- Blueyberries
    Purple- Black (but the juice is purple) berries

  5. red - red currant
    orange - carrot
    yellow - spaghetti squash (annies mac n cheese for judson)
    green - Naked juice green machine or just spinach
    blue - wild blueberries
    indigo - red cabbage (its more of an indigo color right)
    violet - purple cauliflower, check it out if you dig broccoli

    Favorite green = steamed spinach

  6. Seems like we have lots in common:) hope it all works out to be the running coach!

  7. red: rose apple
    orange: kabocha
    yellow: MUSTARD/yellow kiwi
    green: brussel sprouts, microwaved/pistachio larabar
    blue: quaker oatmeal squares (THEY COME IN A BLUE BOX!)
    purple: PLUOT (the dark colored ones)

    Favorite green: brussel sprouts or celery.

  8. Roy G Biv, eh? Ok:

    Red = pomegranate. I recently figured out how to open one up, and now I can't get enough!
    Orange = sweet potatoes!
    Yellow = bananas. I typically eat at least one banana a day.
    Blue = I'm not a huge fan of blueberries, and I can't think of any other blue foods. Oooh - blue cheese is delicious. I'll go with that =P
    Purple = eggplant.