Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Catchin Up

well it is Tuesday and I am catching up with all the events :)
First of all we rented UP for tonight! I am really excited to see it and cozy up on our love seat with some popcorn and who knows what else... probably smoothies, but we shall see.

So on Monday I taught another bootcamp class and this one seemed alot harder than the last one. We used a longer stride and did more circuits with speedwork and agility moves. Then moved on to the rotating side lunges and side kicks. I taught 2 yoga tracks again and worked some abs and back in (with the planks of course) I think they are the best for training your abs to stay tight throughout the day.
TIP for the week...TAKE THE STAIRS and take any opportunity to get a quick walk in...every little bit counts!

This morning I went to the gym to walk on hill interval at 9 for Kelly and Regis then took BodyFlow at 9:30....which I also teach (my favorite class and everytime I do it I just want more!)
I solely give BodyFlow all of the credit for my flexibility!

I just popped in some homemade french fries and am going to meet jaydun for his lift session after work.
Tomorrow I am going into work at lifestyle to learn how to work the speaker system at that gym for me to start the BootCamp on Wednesday mornings at 10:30! I love teaching....the sad thing though is that when I teach I feel like I am not even getting a workout.....

Oh yea and one last thing that I got a call for today...I am going to lead up a new group called "walk, talk, pray" at our church; which involves getting women to go on walks and talk about "whatever needed" and then pray at the end! I am so excited for it, especially using my passion for health and fitness to share with other women in the church and get to know more people!

I have a number of samples coming in this week that I cannot wait to share my reviews!


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  1. i've always wanted to take a bootcamp class
    i'm lookin forward to the reviews!