Sunday, November 8, 2009

Colts Sunday

Sunday Forecast.....70 and sunny
Perfect weather to go downtown to the colts game!
We left early to meet friends at Le Peep for brunch and it was delicious. I got the blueberries with oatmeal cinnamon and jaydun got a yummy omelet with chicken and veggies mixed in. Oh yea and how could I forget the coffee for me and milk for the man.
We then drove to the game with the boss and her man and got there early and walked around the new Lucas Oil stadium and relaxed with some Bud Light.
Jaydun and Nelly

Indy race car....way bigger than me
The game started off to a slow start and by halftime it was 13 to 10 colts winning. We got a carved turkey sandwich in the lounge area and by the time we were done eating it was back to the game and the texans were back in the game after scoring a TD. It came down to the colts being ahead 20 to 17 and the texans missed the last field goal with 4 seconds left....Kind of a sloppy game but still exciting! We got to go see some old players from Virginia Tech (Xavier Adibi and Andre Davis) outside the locker rooms.

We are now relaxing at home after getting back around 6:30....needless to say a long day of football.
Is the weekend really over already? Thank God for beautiful weather where we could enjoy the outdoors and take full advantage of it.

Tomorrow Baking? Yes I think so...before I teach the corporate group bootcamp :)



  1. Hi Nelly! I just found your blog from your post on mine! I look forward to reading along with you! Congrats on your recent wedding ;)

  2. Hey Nelly! Thanks again for the comment! I love meeting new bloggies and I look forward to getting to know you. Hooray for a fellow baking-lover!!

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog- i'm def going to follow yours! :)