Friday, November 6, 2009

Dreams only come true when the Dreamers take action.....

Lets go HOKIES...Finally got a W last night.....(this is my niece Harper with her Hokie gear)

Quote from church on Sunday....
Just reminds me that actions speak louder than words...if you have a goal or a passion....put it to work! Make a list of how to make it happen and the steps to get there and go with it.

I finally started this blog and am passionate to share my interests of a "healthy" lifestyle because I want to let others know the ins and outs of what I find!

Last night the workout went really well and I think I can speak for everyone by saying our heart rate got up FAST! My whole theory with being active and working out is to do SOMETHING everyday and to switch up the workout as often as you can.

Jud and I are going to the gym tonight and doing cardio circuits........
5 minutes on each machine (Treadmill running at 7.5 mph) (Bike) (elliptical) (arc trainer) (climber...yes the actual stairs that climb!)
We will probably do two rounds of this and then stretch.
This constantly keeps your muscles working and by switching machines it gets rid of boredom as well!

I promise I will get some recipes up here and my latest cravings.......
The newest is mixed berry frozen fruit with vanilla soy protein (from sam's club) and Jud has the chocolate whey protein with a frozen banana and of course milk!
We get our spinach in with our salads with ground Flaxseed and both LOVE it.

Thats all for now......


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  1. Thanks Nutrition Nellie! I am so excited to follow your blog and see what stuff you recommend! I am a trainer in VA. and love to read new ideas in fitness and nutrion with out alot of research!