Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Yes another giveaway! SYNERGY!
usually you need more energy during the holidays right?
WELL I am having a giveaway for Synergy (kombucha drink) that I previously reviewed and loved. Well its a weird loved. At first I was like "hmm this is different" then the next sip was "wow I want some more" then you get a burst of energy and feel revived. Yep. That is it. 

SOOOOO the Holiday Giveaway is.......

Name your favorite holiday tradition to start of the Christmas season. 

Example: jaydun and I started ours by hanging up our stockings, putting up our tree and lights and cuddling up to a christmas movie (elf and the santa claus)

Blog away and the winner will be announced after thanksgiving weekend!


Road Trippin tomorrow for Thanksgiving!!!!!



  1. Well Nelly....thanks again for me winning in the last give away!!!! Why not try again! My fav Christmas tradition was having all my relatives.... 3 brothers, 2 sisters and parents and all the nephews and nieces and sons and daughters pitch in 10 bucks a piece and having an act...we had 3 judges that didnt participate and judged the top 3....they divied up the cash.....obvi 1st place got most, then 2nd and least 3rd....what fun memories and great to have after a feast!!!!

  2. My favorite tradition is the Thanksgiving ride we started last year! Last year's ride lasted 5 hours, so we are going shorter this year! I love the tradition of doing something active with family!

  3. My favorite tradition is definitely putting up our tree while listening to Christmas music! My husband and I started a tradition a couple years ago where we get at least one special Christmas ornament to represent the past year, then we write the specific year on the bottom of the ornament so we'll always remember! Hopefully we'll have years and years of ornaments to look at in the future!

  4. getting the Christmas music and decorations out!:)