Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tomorrow is the last day for the RAINBOW contest for GREEENS!

I cannot wait for the holidays! We have officially decided Saturday we put up the tree and our decor! Stockings and all! I went to Trader Joes and right when I walked in was a chocolate advent calendar...yep HAD to get it!

I just got back from teaching BodyFlow...and I have to remind myself after I teach everytime how much I LOVE IT! I feel so relaxed and stretched out after....Nice to get paid too, a little added bonus. I got home and made an omelet and am about to try one of the Luna bars I got to sample :) I think we will go with the........White Chocolate Macadamia ( 9 grams protein, 35% calcium, 30% iron, 100% folate) looks pretty good to me! I packed the nutz over chocolate in the jaydun lunch..... Reviews to come tomorrow!

Tomorrow I get more GREEN superfood and I think the vitalicious package is coming as well.....YESSSS more samples and "taste testing". 
Couldn't come at a better time because I have been ravenous lately. I eat and I am still hungry, eat some more, and STILL hungry. I think it is the weather...cold and rainy. COMFORT FOOD time. 

That is why I am getting into oatmeal and soups. Yes oatmeal for breakfast. With added walnuts or almond butter and cinnamon. Fills me up!

Tonight I go teach bootcamp to the office. Then I rented a movie for jaydun and I to watch and RELAX. 

Have a good week away from TGIVING!

I will also post the recipes to the pies that I am making for it! Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Souffle!



  1. i'm excited to see the recipes!! i'm looking for some actually for my thanksgiving dinner :)


  2. Hi There,

    I'm looking forward to your reviews and sounds like you are getting some yummy products to try! The class you teach sounds like something I need for my aching, sore body! I hope you have a great day!