Friday, November 6, 2009

My first blog... ever

What's up guys, I'm Nelly's guest blogger... and, oh yea, her husband. We're both new at this whole thing but I already get the feeling that I am the amateur blogger of the two. She told me I could be her guest blogger as if she had been doing it for years. But I will say this- she knows what she's talking about. She's in the process of testing some health products then passing that info on to those of you who read this. My plan as of right now is to throw in my 2 cents on occasion when I get the urge to talk about my workout plan, whatever health products I serve as the test dummy for, and also a subject I feel strongly about: organization. Sounds lame, I know. But you would be surprised just how closely health and organization feed off one another. At least they do in our life together, so I will pass along whatever info I feel would be helpful to you readers.......

Just like Nelly said, "Dreams only come true when the dreamer takes action." While health, organization, or anything else we write about on here may not be your life passion, we do encourage you to give things a try... it all boils down to taking action. Looking forward to pitching in every now and then...... take care.


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  1. Hey Jaydun, I agree with you about organization and health....I am a life coach and personal trainer andit is proven that you need to decludder your life to get the most of living! You need to take inventory and see what is REALLY worth using my time , energy and space and then make some adjustments (with the help of a lifecoach or trainer...haha... PLUG!!!and LIVE LIFE FULLY! We can change and that is good news! Keep up the bloggin ain't bad!