Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sunny Saturday.....bladin day!

YES.... finally jaydun and I pulled the blades out of the closet and went on the monon trail! We probably went about 12 miles and both felt it by the last couple miles, and jaydun was on the verge of getting two blisters on each foot. Thankfully we had stopped just in time where neither of the blisters actually formed.

We had just talked about how everyday this week we have done something different; whether it be circuits at the gym, bootcamp class, biking outside, and blading! The best way to beat boredom is to keep switching it up and make it FUN.

*** GET OUTSIDE WHEN YOU CAN...everyone needs that Vitamin D***

I made two egg, broccoli, and onion omelets with some crazy mixed up salt (LOVE the stuff). With a whole grain thinwich for each of us toasted (nelly: almond butter    jaydun: peanut butter).

No pictures, but that is probably because we ate them up ASAP! The key to making it is to start with the vidalia onions simmering in the pan on medium heat and then when they start to brown add the steamed broccoli and eggs....then of course flip when needed and add seasonings....RESULT: delicious
(FYI: jaydun sneaked in some ground flaxseed in his)

I am really in the mood to do some baking in the next few days....any suggestions on what I should make a healthier version of?

Until next time......

Jaydun and Nelly are off to church at Northview Christian Life tonight because tomorrow we get to go to the COLTS GAME!


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  1. Hey!! I just found your site. Blading is awesome!! Is one of my favorite things ever. Well biking for me is number one but blading is a close second. Sounds super fun! I hope you had a fun time. I like your blog so far! I'll keep on checking back for sure!! I just started my own blog too!

    As for some healthier baking...hhmmm..something fallish maybe? Im really into this chilly air that is moving in. So something warm and comforting would be awesome. hehe. im sorry that probably doesnt help too much. But anyways I can't wait to see what you come up with! Have a super rest of your weekend!