Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Week!

1st thing is 1st. I cannot get enough of this Chocolate Green SuperFood! GREEN! 
I mix it with milk in the shaker and its ready. I like having it in the morning with breakfast, it just feels good to think "I got all my greens in for the day, and it has just started"
If you want to check it out the link is on the page to the right and with the discount code for 15% off  (healthy123)

Ellen Noel and Harper Lee
As for thanksgiving.....Just bought the materials (aka ingredients) for the Pumpkin Souffle and Pecan Pie (for jaydun) I will be making those wednesday before our road trip to Blacksburg, Virginia! I get to see my 2 nieces.....and family !!!! 

Tomorrow I teach BodyFlow and wednesday I will be teaching Bootcamp before we HIT THE ROAD! I just burned a new mix with some nice pump up music. 
Song for the day: Linken Park - I Bleed It Out..... one of the best running songs too!

One thing I absolutely love is waking up with the Christmas Decor up! We are going to watch the Santa Claus tonight and I cannot wait. 

So my new kick at night is mixing this Vanilla Soy with milk and it tastes like Sugar Cookie dough! It has protein, calcium, folate, iron...this list goes on! They sell it at Sams club and also have it in chocolate that I have yet to try.

Going to practice BodyFlow now.... 


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  1. Hey, Cait... I've been working out consistently after this baby, and I have 10 more lbs. to lose. Anyhow, I've been confused cause I'm sooo tired about 2 hours after exercising. I do a cardio workout, and the only time I really have to do it is before my girls wake up in the morning. I don't like to eat breakfast before I'm bouncing all around, but do you have any advice? I do eat healthy cereal with milk and a banana directly after exercising. I'm sure you know more health tips than me, and I'm wondering if you have tips on what I should do to NOT feel so tired? Do you think that Chocolate green mix would be beneficial for me for energy? -Kels