Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend to be Jolly!

Yes indeed we got in the Christmas spirit!
 Jaydun and I both got full North Face outfits and started our christmas shopping and the tree is not up yet but I am sure that is next to come...maybe this weekend!

The bands just came in! and I am in heaven!
I cannot wait to sport all of the new colors....I finally don't have to keep wearing the blue!

Just email me at if you want to order any and I will send them right out.
Colors: zebra, silver dots, black, brown, blue, hunter green, maroon, magenta, burnt orange, mango

Colors: Burnt orange, mango, olive, light green, tan, light yellow, light purple, white, Reflective ones on the bottom left, sayings to the right : 50 + & still kickin, one tough cookie, pregnant not fat, I run so I can eat.

plenty more....just posted the ones I layed out!

As for the Amazing Grass......I have a giveaway contest I am going to post tomorrow....all I can say is come up with your favorite food choices for each color of the rainbow!

I am going to teach Bootcamp in a bit....the big decision for me now is WHAT COLOR BAND should I WEAR?!?!?!?

Decisions Decision.........

Packed a chocolate Green Superfood bar for the road :)



  1. Nelly....I have one of these bands and they WORK!!! If you workout alot like I do...they not only look good but help with controlling sweat! Thanks for all the color options!

  2. wait i don't get where you wear those bandS? i am interested in them! but confused for where they go?