Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back home again in Indiana

Just got back from teaching BodyFlow and had lunch. It is December 1st already...where did the time go?
My two nieces getting in the bath!
We had a nice long trip back from Virginia and are now back at home. Thankful to have such family and able to see them on the holidays. Christmas is in North Carolina!

The high on thursday is 30! AHHH! I guess winter is coming and I will get sick of it after a week! 
I am doing laundry and cleaning while snackin and listening to christmas music! Then later I teach a core conditioning class and then hopefully cuddling up to a movie with jaydun (yes my favorite thing to do).

I also have to go pick up some presents this afternoon! I have a problem...when I get a gift for someone I want to tell them right away what it is because I am so excited about it! I guess I will have to wait.....

The SYNERGY giveaway is still going on and ends on Friday....What are your christmas traditions?

Happy Holidays and thankful Jesus was born so we could celebrate such an amazing event.



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