Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It is 20 degrees out at the moment with crazy wind that shakes the windows!
Taught Total Tone this morning and then came back to do laundry and clean.
Finished my almond butter :( guess it is time to go get a new jar...trip to Trader Joes!

Practiced BodyFlow once again and think I have the new release down already :) I guess this cold weather is good for practicing, because it is the only thing to do inside!

I have alot of really good products to review soon and I am very excited about them! I have to figure out how to add tabs and all that jazz so it is easier to click and read!

Tomorrow the High is 19 degrees. BRRRR....going to make shrimp stiry fry with extra spicy sauce.
I miss this woman. AWOT.
This was after the Baltimore half marathon....I am thinking we just might have to do the INDY minimarathon in May....


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  1. cute picture :) & the shrimp stir fry sounds good!