Monday, December 21, 2009

Goin Green!

If you didnt know I am all about COLORS. 
I try to get every color of the Rainbow in daily.
That really does not happen every day, BUT I try.
Thank goodness for this brand
I love the Chocolate Green Superfood mix and The Berry Bars.

I have one or the other EVERY DAY! Usually midday or the morning :)
Any Questions about it just ask or click on the icon to the right!

With that said we leave for NC in 2 days! (I am bringing a couple of the bars with me!) 

Another of my Favorite right now is Trader Joes Almond Butter (Creamy w/sea salt) It is the most reasonable price for natural nut butter. 

If you have not done the Kind Bar Giveaway! DO SO NOW!
All you need to do is post this on your blog or subscribe to mine; and write something kind you do over the holidays :) THEN POST ABOUT IT!

My Favorite Kind Bar is NUT DELIGHT!
So POST AWAY and Merry Christmas!
We get to open our presents TOMORROW since we will be away for the 25th!

Just bought these babygap shoes for my 2 nieces! Adorable...had to ship them though because we aren't going to see them! Plenty of Skype sessions I am sure :)

God Bless,


PS. My favorite all time verse is Hebrews 12:1 


  1. Are those supergreen bars really filling? I remember looking at them one time and they had a ton of calories (i dont actually count calories, but I just happened to be surprised by the amount).

    And nut delight is my favorite too!

  2. Love thse lil shoes for the lil ones! Have a very Merry Christmas in NC!!!! tell the hubby you got a rockin blogsite.....tHAnks NELLY!

  3. that picture is so cute :) & i've never tried those bars before.


  4. You are right the Fage is alot better, I just try to save money , lol!! Sometimes I splurge, holidays I cant!!! Yay for the holidays!!! Those baby gap shoes are so cute!! Baby Gap has the most adorable clothes ever, your nieces will look so cute!! Have a great night!!!