Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It all comes down to the core....

Core conditioning tongiht :) I am looking forward to it, mostly because the next day my abs feel tight and sore, which in theory means I don't have to work them for a while right?

So the next part of nutrition action were the BEANS......                              The winner is: SoyBeans!
Surprised? I was! I was glad to hear though because I love snacking on edamame with sea salt. Perfect munch when you arent really hungry but you need SOMETHING in your mouth :)
1. Soybeans
2. Pinto Beans
3. Chickpeas (awesome in a salad)
4. Lentils
5. Black eyed-peas
6. Pink, Navy, Black, White
7. Lima, kidney

Interesting...at least I thought so!

With that said I just got a huge package Dr. McDougall's at Right Foods 
 2 boxes of natural organic oatmeal!
5 big cup soup: Split Pea, Tortilla, Curry, Lentil Couscous, and Tamale 
        I am really looking forward to the Lentil Couscous!
8 Ready to serve cartons: Black bean, Vegetable, Split Pea, Chunky Tomato, Red pepper tomato, Minestrone, and Lentil.

Needless to say we are set for the winter (for a while at least)!

I will take pictures and review them as they are slurped up....

Right now I am about to start working on my home-made gift for Jaydun.
We decided to each make a home-made gift in addition to our other gifts :) It is our first Christmas being married! Time flies....


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  1. hhahah cute picture!! you're adorable. aww htat is so cute that it is your firs tmarried xmas..exciting :)