Friday, December 4, 2009

Its the weekend :)

Just got done practicing the new BodyFlow 47 and LOVE it.
Jaydun and I went through it last night after a chilly walk (25 degrees) and it was actually the perfect thing to do before we veg out at night! Made veggie bean soup last night in the crockpot and realized I need to put that sucker into good use this winter! The seven day forecast is all in the 30's! BRRRRRRR!

What does this weekend entail?
Football games (lookin forward to Alabama and Florida)
Maybe ice skating?
Hopefully printing off our wedding pictures to put in our albums (way too many pictures!)
Christmas cards
Turkey Meatballs!!!!!
and some other warm food....probably oatmeal, omelets, hot chocolate?
Any good ideas?

The winner of the SYNERGY contest is........Shelley!

More contests to come so keep on checking in :)

Oh ya...really good start to the day....I had a Berry Superfood Bar and it was perfect with my morning coffee :) I really am hooked on all of the products, but my favorite is chocolate superfood mix, and I am growing very fond of the bars, especially when I am in a rush or on the go!




  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I love warm foods- roasted veggies are my favorite!

    Have a great weekend and stay warm!

  2. yay!! i'm excited :) hope you have a ggreat weekend