Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oats and more

Woke up to the cold. Yep you guessed it. OATMEAL!
1/2 cup 5 grain oats with milk and cinnamon and almonds
sprinkle on sweetener and there it is :)
Enjoyed with hazelnut coffee (in my santa mug)

Before work I had a fage 2% (so much better than 0%) with Dark Choc Chips.

1st day at La Mie Emilie and liked it alot actually
Time flew by and I met alot of nice people!
I teach core conditioning tonight and am going to go early to do a 30 min cardio circuit
(10 run 10 bike 10 elliptical)
Then tonight is CHILL time and probably watch football with Jaydun.


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