Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nutrition Action

This is probably one of my favorite Newsletters!
I got this booklet in the mail that rates the healthiest vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, meats, and cereals! 
I am going to post one of each section a day and today is.....VEGGIES!
I have to say I LOVE veggies. To be honest my favorite is Broccoli and Winter squash. BUT I can make myself try anything if I make a concoction (which I am known for) 

Score/ calories/ vit K/ Lutein/ vit C/ Potassium/Fiber
That is how they did the analysis of each Food. Very Interesting.
I guess I will be making more Kale Chips and adding kale to soups :)

If you can't see them let me know or ask any questions.
Kale is #1...Spinach #2...then pretty much all the rest of leafy greens....
Canned pumpkin, sweet potatoe, broccoli....

TOMORROW are the BEANS...which one do you think are the best (most nutrient dense) I think you will be suprised :)



  1. ha you are tooc ute! cool book (even thoug it would probably drive me insane hahah bc i'd look up everythingg)


  2. I say it's black beans! I love vegetables too- I need to eat them more often!

  3. could you write the veggies since it is blurred....I really like that you are doing this on your blog....I read a book a long time ago called nutrients and it changed my view of eat what I need but I had to learn what I need.....THANKS NELLY!!!!!!!!!

  4. i LOVE LOVE LOVE broccoli. Plain broccoli with nothing on it, just like steamed. I could eat it every meal, to the dissatisfaction of my bf of course, who hates it!