Monday, January 25, 2010

Cleaning and winter

I just got done cleaning the place and have my feet kicked up. 
I am just realizing more and more how my mood is effected by the weather! I just talked to people in my fitness classes and they all AGREED! 
I think the way to combat it is to set goals out for each week and what you want to accomplish daily and DO IT. No excuses. 
Thank God I have to teach sometimes because otherwise I would be laying around in the warm! Needless to say I cannot wait for Spring....
Anyone else get this feeling in the winter ???

I am going to come up with monthly goals from now on (it is easier for me to visualize it if it is on a month to month timeline)
* Write encouraging letters to friends and family
 * Gather healthy recipes with all different food group categories.
  * VISIT BLACKSBURG! To see my family and nieces! Cannot wait!

   * Reach out to people more...have this be in the gym when I am teaching, in a store, on a trail (when the weather warms up!) at church......and so on

**** I am starting the book of Hebrews and cannot get enough of it. I am going to go slowly and journal my thoughts and key notes ****

Stay tuned for my fav verses in Hebrews :) 
All Time is Hebrews 12:1 (I think it is how I live life)

I have been very busy with work and then spending time with jayden and his family came to visit. So I kind of went on a break from blogging. Needless to say I AM BACK!

I just got some LightLife products and can't wait to try them out! Pictures to come :)

I am about to practice some BodyFlow...that is if I dont fall asleep before!

one week :)


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  1. I hope you enjoy your study of Hebrews. I've been trying to decide what book to read next. I've been reading the book of Luke lately but I think I may move on to Jeremiah.