Wednesday, January 27, 2010

winter over YET?

I need to start a countdown or something.....Spring is right around the corner right?

Jaydun and I were just talking about KALE and how we havent had it in a WHILE! We both have been so busy that at night we have been eating whatever is in the cupboard or freezer! Good to get use out of it, but I need some FRESH stuff! AKA Veggies and fruits and grains and meats......

Tomorrow KALE with some type of beans and brown rice recipe?!?!?!


Vitamins.... essential for every human body, because in reality NOONE gets all of your vitamins through foods.

with that said VITAMUFFINS came today.....VITALICIOUS
I will post pictures tomorrow along with reviews, because I am going to bust the package open and pack one for work :) one for Jaydun too!

BODYFLOW tomorrow...oh man do I miss my flow. I teach everyday except for tomorrow and none of the classes are bodyflow right now! Tonight I taught bootcamp and the other nights I teach Core Conditioning. 
I NEED to allow myself time for Flow. It relaxes me and is the one thing that I need for myself. 
It calms me and releases any tightness as well!

Any questions on programs for workouts or what type of exercises...ASK! I love helping out!

Until tomorrow...I am about to read Hebrews 3....

Life is a journey...mark out the race set before you....Hebrews 12:1... I smile everytime I read it

Lovin it.



  1. I started taking a multi for insurance. Just in case! I hate being so busy that dinner is an afterthought. Oh well!

    I love your pink running top!

    Have a great day!

  2. cute picture :) and love vitatops!

  3. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I love all of the bible verses that you include in yours! All of your wedding pictures look so pretty too! My husband and I will be celebrating 2 years coming up in June.