Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yoga and Flexibility of the key components to fitness!

I will tell you one thing, there is nothing like being able to MOVE and full
 range of motion. One of the key things people do not focus on in their 
fitness regimen is STRETCHING! My favorite way to get it in is 
Bodyflow, yoga, and stretching after a cardio workout. This includes taking
 at least 5 to 10 minutes to get all of the major muscle groups
 (quads, hammys, hip flexors, IT band, core, back).

Needless to say...I am trying HOT YOGA this afternoon. 


Hot Vinyasa has the same inner focus that is the core of yoga, and
the same spiritually uplifting attitude as all our classes, but at about
95 degrees! Hot is good! Sweating is healthy and cleansing. The high
 heat also helps us increase flexibility of muscles. We do a nice flow
of basic yoga postures, with a focus on purifying the system, and
increasing flexibility. Unlike our other classes, drinking water at room
temperature is encouraged in this class.
We want to keep the body hydrated, but not cool down our core
temperature, so NO ICE! Also, please bring a beach towel, and of
 course your own mat! As you can tell, most of us perspire heavily
in this classes. Please, you must consider yourself "fairly fit" with 
normal blood pressure and be near your healthy weight to attend
 the Hot Vinyasa classes.

I am trying to get Jaydun to join.......I guess you will have to wait

 for my review to see if he joined!

 NEW delicious breakfast.

Fage 2% (mixed with cinnamon) and spread it on top 
of Whole Wheat wrap. Tastes like dessert and very creamy.

If you didn't know..Cinnamon is one of the Super Spices!
The list :
Red Peppers
Tumeric (Curry, Cumin)

MY GOAL : Find a recipe for every spice on here....have any 

recipes you like that have a super spice in them?



  1. I am so guilty of not stretching enough! Thank you for this wonderful reminder!

    I love cinnamon and I'm pretty sure Indian food has most of the super spices- I should do some research and check on that.

    Have a great day!

  2. ah i really need tow ork on my flexibility!! it is an issue

  3. I need to work on my flexibility, you're right about all of its benefits!

    I do believe rosemary and potatoes were made for one another ;)

  4. just got some fage 2% today.. so excited!

  5. I started hot yoga a few weeks ago and I'm officially an addict already!

  6. Well, of course curry would be one...What about Moroccan tagine? That requires at least two of the spices you mentioned...