Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Healthy Sweets

Yes indeed I have a sweet tooth! I practically need to end off every meal with something sweet.
Lately it has been Dark Chocolate chips....grab a handful after I am done eating and it is my way of telling myself "all done"

I have given up caffeine...YES no coffee (decaf for me) Just to see how I would be without it....EASY as can be....It is just nice to know I am not dependent on it to have energy! 
BUT we were on the road this weekend and driving late at night to get home and I got coffee to keep me awake...yep it hit me hard...I was WIRED.
I guess the caffeine worked pretty darn good since I havent had it!

So if you have not had CHIA ask what do you put it in?
The easiest way to mix it is with Oatmeal (my usual) , Smoothies, Baking, Cereal, Salads, Veggies..... Do you have any other ideas?
Yes it is my new favorite Superfood (basically for its stats!)
I got my mom hooked on it too...She called me and said I just ordered a 2 lb bag!

What are your favorite Superfood Secrets?

I will be taking a power circuit Bosu Ball class tonight....I will post about the details tonight...along with a Sweet Tooth Recipe!


Winter please be done. I want to hike outside again. Just go outside in general!


  1. Bosu Circuit Class, huh? Nice, let me know how it goes. Hail to the BOSU BALL!

  2. I've got a crazy sweet tooth that I'm trying to calm down myself!

    I'm having a chia giveaway on my blog- come check it out!