Monday, February 8, 2010


Kick Butt workout!
Jaydun and I just got back from Survival Fitness for a 6 am workout.
WOW...we both were dead! Could not believe how hard this circuit training was....check out the website to see...intense!

I think we might sign up to go Mon/Wed/Fri. back yesterday from Virginia and my flight arrived in about 5 pm.
Jaydun picked me up from the airport and we drove back to get Chinese takeout to watch the Superbowl game :)

My favorite part is of course the commercials...and I think my favorite one was.....
Doritos (although I dislike the actual chips...if you didnt know I DONT like me crazy but it is true!)

Yep and I live in Indianapolis and was cheering for the Saints! I am a fan of Drew Breeze :)

I am about to head to the store to get our eats for the week! 

I will be back to post some reviews :)



  1. HAHA I love the commercial...I didn't watch the game, so it's my first time seeing it!

  2. hahaha love the commercial! i LOVED the google one too-one of my favs!!