Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Activity!

Spring and the outdoors!
We have been totally eating up the outdoors after work. Mostly with Rollerblading!
My ultimate favorite thing to do! We have a trail that is all paved a mile away which is perfect. Usually an hour does the trick and your legs are burning!

I LOVE hiking too but out her in Indy we dont have any mountains :(

Virginia Tech plays tonight and we will be watching on the couch with our grub!
We have been diggin the Chocolate Vitamuffins at night (heat up and tastes like a brownie) Delicious!
As you know I have a HUGE sweet tooth.

Update : I am SPLENDA free for 3 weeks! I dont even think of it anymore! 
If I use a sweetener which is RARE now it is a packet of stevia (plant based)
I also am drinking TONS of WATER and LOVE it. I actually crave water. Weird I know. Never thought I would have this day come!

I am still diggin my Fage 2%, La tortillas, Eggs, SuperSmoothie (with chia), Spinach.....I am craving a baking session soon. Probably Friday with recipe and picture :)



  1. Congrats on being splenda free! I love all outdoor activities- hiking, bike riding, and even eating dinner outside is better than being all stuck inside!

  2. my fave outdoor activity is being on the beach with a drink;) but "activity" i'd say swimming!

  3. i LOVE SPRING ACTIVITIES!! yay!!! yay for no splenda! i dont eat it anymore either!! soo bad!

  4. Rollerblading brings back so many great memories for me. I miss it so much! My favorite thing to do outside is bike ride. We have so many awesome bike trails where I live.