Friday, March 5, 2010

Sunny Weekend! Spring?

I will take the sun anyday over winter weather!

Today is our 6 month! We have been married for 1/2 a year.
I am very thankful and blessed!

I have 2 new buys from Whole Foods.
1. Nutritional Yeast (had to buy after reviews on this nutrition powerhouse!)
2. Coconut Butter (I have to tell you, I was a little bit weary about buying this due to the look of it......HOLY YUM! I am a huge fan! I mixed it with Peanut Butter on a wrap and it hit the spot!)

Another thing I need to put out there....I am giving up sweeteners! YES! 
I am writing this to keep myself accountable...
I was using it with everything without even thinking about it. It became a habit and not even thought about before I added it. 
So I am 1 day down and I feel good :)
Jaydun threw them all way out of my reach and once I get past this I will use them on occasion, but my GOAL is to naturally eat food without additives! 

Anyone else have any good goals they are trying to accomplish?

I am going to go rollerblading this weekend I think...I need to get out there on the trail. Rollerblading is one of my favorite activities...LUV IT.

Alright so new recipe with a power house antioxidant bean!

Fresh Tomato And Black Bean Salsa


Mix all together in a bowl and serve or put in tupperware :)

Chinese Takeout and a movie is on the agenda...



  1. congrats! we are almost at our 1 year anniversary...well 2 months away, but i cant wait!