Tuesday, August 14, 2012

LinkedIn Network Updates, 8/14/2012

Network Updates, Aug 7 - Aug 14
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Dr. Chris Lauria Breakfast the KEY to Learning--- Parents spend alot of time prepping for school. Spending countless hours buying clothes, shoes and supplies. Then we send our kids off to school with either no breakfast or a sugar filled cereal,toast and orange juice filled with sugar.. This is so critical to their learning. Plan this meal each day. BTW it goes for us adults too.
Breakfast: The Key to Learning
Before you send your kids out the door and off to school there may be something they're missing—and it's not their backpacks or lunches. "Numerous studies suggest that schoolchildren skip breakfast more than any other meal of...
Kathryn Peoples http://lnkd.in/SMM5Nh
In Superrich, Clues to What Might Be in Romney’s Returns
Based on experts’ analysis of data on the wealthiest taxpayers, Mitt Romney has almost certainly been paying income taxes, but perhaps at a very low rate.
Fred First @Workflowy is a seriously powerful free and easy online list and info tool. Trust me. Do this. Access from anywhere! http://ow.ly/cVrL8
Clark Webb http://lnkd.in/YVi7uu
Watch This Video Of Paul Ryan Shredding Obamacare To Obama's Face,...
If you want to know why conservatives are thrilled about Paul Ryan, just watch this video (which we saw via Breitbart) of Paul Ryan shredding Obamacare right in front of Obama and Biden. Regardless of who you agree with, it's a...
How about these people? Shannan Hidey Veronica Lippuner Kate DeLeo Amy Vaughan Anna Beatty Cathy Irvine Candace Grasso Cathy Irvine cliff dowdy Denise McKenzie George Bell Susan Siver Mary Jaasma
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